About Uptown

Where is Uptown?

Maybe you call it “Lower Queen Anne”, but the neighborhood at the base of Queen Anne hill is officially known as Uptown. The boundaries of the neighborhood as defined by the city are Denny Way to the south, Elliot Ave. to the west, Aurora Ave N to the east, and a zigzagging boundary to the north along the foot of the south slope of Queen Anne hill.

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What’s there to see and do?
Uptowners are fortunate to live within blocks of shopping, restaurants, theater, dance, sporting events, public transportation, Seattle Center, and (of course) a good cup of coffee. Check out our Resources Section for more information!

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Uptown is growing and evolving in accordance with the goals set out in the 1999 Queen Anne Neighborhood Plan. This plan was put into motion from the 1990 State Growth Management Act.

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  1. Why do you think it’s a good idea for the neighborhood to get more people in? I’ve lived here for 27 yrs when there were two or three family homes where there are now Hundreds of people., many of the new apartment dwellers also seem to have dogs, so the neighborhood always smells like dog P and poop and you see it everywhere. Before you would only see a handful of dogs now you can’t walk anywhere without seeing several different dogs everywhere you go. Very bad for the environment, it’s killing the soil and the trees. People living in garbage on the sidewalk, wackos in the middle of the street screaming and threatening people, some are the same people over and over and over again I guess they don’t want anybody to sleep or feel comfortable. Severe shoplifting is everywhere you can’t go to a store without seeing somebody with a huge suitcase or duffel bag or just taking the whole shopping cart. Broken windows everywhere, ugly graffiti, empty storefronts, litter and garbage. Ugly place to live because activist who want to destroy the city. Much worse since CHOP/CHAZ cop Freezone murders. Criminals from out of state came to take over because they saw that Seattle was an easy target. Awful