About Uptown

Where is Uptown?

Maybe you call it “Lower Queen Anne”, but the neighborhood at the base of Queen Anne hill is officially known as Uptown. The boundaries of the neighborhood as defined by the city are Denny Way to the south, Elliot Ave. to the west, Aurora Ave N to the east, and a zigzagging boundary to the north along the foot of the south slope of Queen Anne hill.

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What’s there to see and do?
Uptowners are fortunate to live within blocks of shopping, restaurants, theater, dance, sporting events, public transportation, Seattle Center, and (of course) a good cup of coffee. Check out our Resources Section for more information!

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Uptown is growing and evolving in accordance with the goals set out in the 1999 Queen Anne Neighborhood Plan. This plan was put into motion from the 1990 State Growth Management Act.

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